Monday, February 9, 2015

Article: Good Lovers Lie

So the Grey Lady publishes an article on the "virtues on lying." [Instapundit]

The author is a twice divorced college professor: a man who destroyed his second marriage by having an affair. He lived a lie. And he praises lying as necessary to being a good lover.

As the Instapundit notes: "I assume another Democrat scandal is on the way."

However, there has been an awful lot public lying lately about:

The climate. 

A prominent new anchor lying.

And Walter Cronkite lying.

Biofuels decreasing carbon dioxide emissions. 

Rape on campus #1. 

Rape on campus #2.

Rape in America.

The IRS obstructing justice. 

And finally, college students told not to speak truth. 

More Fraud (see below)

Article: Closer look at flawed studies behind policies used to promote 'low-carbon' biofuels

Alternate title: Researcher discovers that it is obvious that using fossil fuels to grow biofuels worsens carbon dioxide emissions.
"Almost all of the fields used to produce biofuels were already being used to produce crops for food, so there is no significant increase in the amount of carbon dioxide being removed from the atmosphere. Therefore, there's no climate benefit," said DeCicco, the author of an advanced review of the topic in the current issue of Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Energy and Environment.
This is not a "flaw." An assumption that land was not used to grow crops, or that other crops do not take the same amount of carbon dioxide out the atmosphere is plainly and obviously false.

And for all studies to make the same obvious error is not a "flaw." There is no way any researcher can do this as honest error. It has to be a deliberate policy to ignore the obvious.
Once the erroneous methodology is corrected, the results will likely show that policies used to promote biofuels -- such as the U.S. Renewable Fuel Standard and California's Low-Carbon Fuel Standard -- actually make matters worse when it comes to limiting net emissions of climate-warming carbon dioxide gas.
Actually, this has been known for awhile. Using petroleum based fuels to grow, harvest, and process the crops has to produce a net increase in the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Only someone determined to ignore the obvious would say otherwise.

More Global Warming Fraud

Article: Report: Temperature Data Being Faked to Show Global Warming

An accountant compared the raw data first from several stations in Paraguay, then elsewhere in South America. All the data was "adjusted" to show global warming, or at least more global warming than has actually occurred.
[Paul] Homewood checked the data on three weather stations in Paraguay and found that all three had their initial raw readings adjusted to show lower temperatures in the 1950s and higher temperatures today. 
And it is not just in South America.
Traust Jonsson, a longtime climate researcher in Iceland was surprised to see the revised data "disappears" Iceland’s "sea ice years" around 1970, when a period of extreme cooling almost wiped out Iceland's economy.
Article: Massive Tampering With Temperatures In South America

This is the original article. It has flashing .gifs that show how the data was manipulated.

This report is consistent with reports from elsewhere, including Australia.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Feel-good article of the day

Article: Five Ways Liberals Ignore Science

Five major ways, and a host of minor ways, the left ignores science. And pushes an agenda behind that ignore-ance.