Friday, January 9, 2015

Article: Focusing on lasting legacy prompts environmental action

Alternate title: Using "legacy" as a way of manipulating people to do what you want them to.
"Legacy motives may represent a powerful, yet previously understudied tool [to manipulated people] for promoting engagement, such that simple prompts may effectively promote environmental behavior by framing decisions as 'win-win' for both present and future generations," says Zaval.
"Framing" in left-speak is a way of structuring conversations to reduce or eliminate opposition to what the left-speaker wants to occur.
Indeed, these findings could have broad applications, says Markowitz, shedding light on a potential tool for "improving communication, outreach, and engagement efforts across a wide range of environmental and social issues."
In others words, you are a "tool" if this appeals to you.

I need a shower.

Fundamentalist Christians are also big on "legacy." First, a focus on the "End Times" to manipulate people into being saved, or at least be good. And second, to encourage people to evangelize others (their "legacy").
The researchers conducted a preliminary online study with 245 US participants, which provided initial support for the hypothesis, showing that participants who had a strong desire to leave a positive legacy tended to have strong proenvironmental beliefs, even after demographic factors such as political affiliation were accounted for.
There is a meme on the Right that environmentalism functions like a religion or in place of a religion. And it is a personal belief of mine that US Progressivism is actually a socialist heresy of US Evangelical Protestantism (like Marxism is a Jewish heresy and Fascism is a Catholic heresy).

This is a confirmation of that belief.

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