Monday, June 23, 2014

Mr. Obama discovers summer is hot; Panics

Summers used to be much hotter in the US
One year ago this week, President Barack Obama waited for a hot day in Washington and hurriedly held an outdoor speech, where he could perspire, engage in third rate acting,  and blame global warming.
Big problem. The raw data for temperatures in the US over the last 100+ years has been published on the internet (see article and related articles at the link above). That is, the real temperature record, not the "adjusted" data made up by various climate scientists including James Hansen, formerly of NASA.

The big news; the hottest temperatures recorded in the US occurred in the 1930's. Various people knew this. It has also been widely reported that the climate data "adjustments" have included adjusting the data down for the 1930's and adjusting the data up from the 1960-2000's.  Now the raw data is available to everyone.

Graph from article:

ScreenHunter_628 Jun. 23 07.02

Just a side note: I respect the president and the presidency. I refuse to countenance the use of bad science to push statist policies.

Hat tip: Ace of Spades

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