Monday, June 30, 2014

This is the #waronwomen?

Table A-1. Time spent in detailed primary activities and percent of the civilian population engaging in each detailed primary activity category, averages per day by sex, 2013 annual averages

The table at the link is used as evidence of the #waronwomen in an article in The Atlantic.

"Household activities" (including cooking, cleaning, maintainance, yard work, etc). Men do (on average) 1.34 hours per day and women do 2.19 hours. Or women do, on average, 51 minutes more "household activities" than men do.

There are two ways "work and related activities" are reported:

1) Work and related activities, average hours per day, "for the whole population." Men do (on average) 4.2 hours per day, women do 2.77 hours. Or men do 1.43 hours per day more than women do. Put another way, men spend about 50% more time working per day, on average, in the whole population, working and non-working, than women do.

2) Work and related activities, "average hours per day for persons who engaged in the activity." Men do 8.45 hours per day and women do 7.46 hours.  Or men do a full hour of work per day more than women do, when both are working.

On other words, women spend an extra hour a day on household activities and men spend an extra hour per day working.

The author of the article above then complains that women do twice as much "caring for others" than men do; the difference being about 20 minutes a day.

This is the #waronwomen?

Yet another pernicious paradigm.


Generally, on average, women spend more time volunteering that men do. Except that men who do volunteer spend about 30 minutes per day more time volunteering than women do.

Men watch more TV than women do, but also engage in "sports, exercise, and recreation" more than women do.

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