Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ebola: Lesson Learned.

Article: One Year Later, Ebola Outbreak Offers Lessons for Next Epidemic

Lots of good advice and lessons. The initial outbreak was not dealt with quickly.   Only halfway through the epidemic.

And we need a vaccine. [No comment that funds for the development of a vaccine were diverted to other uses early in the first Obama administration.]
Reforms have been proposed, but agencies have been slow to acknowledge their mistakes publicly and reckon with them, decreasing the chances that change will occur.
Do the agencies include the CDC? Confused responses, mis-information, and arrogance. Ordinary people had a better reaction to an epidemic that killed 10,000 people than the authorities in the US. The US dodged a bullet, because bringing back sick medical workers could have been catastrophic. At one point over 100 people were on the ebola watch list in PA alone. And PA was nowhere near any of the "epicenters" in the US.

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