Monday, September 8, 2014

Article: 5 Terrifying Facts From the Leaked UN Climate Report

Hysterical over-reaction from Mother Jones.

The typical pattern for an IPCC report is as follows: The scientists write out the sections in their specialities. Then the politicians pull out all the worst case scenarios from the actual reports and create a summary. The summary is then "leaked" to various sympathetic outlets, like "Mother Jones" which in turn hype the worst case scenarios as if they were the core of the report.
This week, a big report from the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was leaked before publication
This "Synthesis Report," to be released in November following a UN conference in Copenhagen, is still subject to revision. 
This follows a pattern of previous IPCC reports: leak all the scary things first, then get around to toning them down in the actual report that comes out later.

I am not going through the whole article here.

Propaganda words and phrases used: ghastly, horrid, awful, shocking, grisly, gruesome, carbon pollution (instead of carbon dioxide), greenhouse gas (also carbon dioxide), crisis, "irreversible" ecological and economic catastrophes.
Here are five particularly grim—depressing, distressing, upsetting, worrying, unpleasant—takeaways from the report.

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