Friday, September 12, 2014

Communism Kills: A Reminder

Article: Germany: Life Expectancy Has Risen in East Since Reunification, Study Says
The life expectancy of East Germans has risen sharply since their state was reunified with the more prosperous West in 1990, a new study shows. Reunification added 6.2 years to the life of men in the former East and 4.2 years to their female counterparts...
A reminder that Communism kills.
[I]mprovements in medical treatment and an improved standard of living [were cited] as the reasons.
The fully socialized medical systems of the "Eastern Block" nations were routinely held up as models for the West. We now know (although many on the Right had long teased out data that the showed the Block was lying) their medical systems were lacking.

Pollution was much worse in the Eastern Block countries as well.

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