Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Science Links for 9/16/14 - Archeology

Article: Archaeologists discover 'long-lost' Roman fort

This was one of the major forts guarding the "backbone" of the Roman border in Germany.
The fort is apparently from the late first century C.E., and roughly 500 Roman soldiers were stationed there between 70 and 120 C.E.
Archaeologists discovered two V-shaped ditches and the post holes from a defensive tower at the site. The researchers suspect the finds were greater than at other sites because the Roman troops filled the ditches and dismantled the fort when they abandoned it. The Gernsheim fort allowed the Romans to control large areas east of the Rhine in the late first century C.E.
Burying the fort both hid it and allowed for its preservation.

Article: Massive 5,000-Year-Old Stone Monument Revealed in Israel

Over 150 yards long, and located near the Sea of Galilee.

It is "pre-Israel" in date, so would belong to peoples no one knows much about. It appears to be associated with a nearby ancient town.

The purpose of the structure is unknown; it was too far from the town to be a defensive wall.
The structure's crescent shape stood out in the landscape, Wachtel told Live Science in an email. The shape may have had symbolic importance, as the lunar crescent is a symbol of an ancient Mesopotamian moon god named Sin, Wachtel said.

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