Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Article: Skunk Works Reveals Compact Fusion Reactor Details

A FUSION reactor, possibly inside of a decade. This is big news.
Hidden away in the secret depths of the Skunk Works, a Lockheed Martin research team has been working quietly on a nuclear energy concept they believe has the potential to meet, if not eventually decrease, the world’s insatiable demand for power. 
Dubbed the compact fusion reactor (CFR), the device is conceptually safer, cleaner and more powerful than much larger, current nuclear systems that rely on fission, the process of splitting atoms to release energy. Crucially, by being “compact,” Lockheed believes its scalable concept will also be small and practical enough for applications ranging from interplanetary spacecraft and commercial ships to city power stations.
Long article. With some details, history, alternate attempts to get a working fusion reactor, etc.

I have read some articles on small, safe fission reactors being in development, but these might leap frog over them.

Anyone interested in actually reducing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere should be thrilled by this. However, I expect the usual left-wing environmentalists to freak out.

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