Friday, October 10, 2014

Ten reasons, with many links. I am not against wind power per se. However, I would prefer to see it succeed without subsidies.
1. Wind turbines kill bats on an industrial scale
2. Wind turbines kill birds on an industrial scale. 
3. Wind turbines produce Low Frequency Noise and infrasound, which can cause those who live nearby a range of health problems
4. Wind turbines have terrible impacts on animals besides birds and bats. 
5. Wind turbines kill jobs. 
6. Wind turbines are like a reverse Robin Hood, lining the pockets of the rent-seeking rich
7. Wind turbines - as any rural community which has tried fighting the heavily-rigged planning system [in the UK] will know - are disruptive, divisive and unjust. 
8. Wind turbines are economically pointless. Because the "energy" they produce is unreliable, unpredictable and intermittent
9. Wind farms are partly responsible for the thousands of people who die every year of fuel poverty. 
10. Wind farms are a blot on the landscape. 
"Fuel poverty"  is the large increase in energy costs due to subsidizing wind (and solar) power to make it financially viable. Alternative energy (and the destruction of the coal industry for example) drives up the costs of energy robbing the poor the most.

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