Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Article: The Surprising Problem of Too Much Talent
Why is too much talent a bad thing? Think teamwork. In many endeavors, success requires collaborative, cooperative work towards a goal that is beyond the capability of any one individual. Even Emmitt Smith needed effective blocking from the Cowboy offensive line to gain yardage. When a team roster is flooded with individual talent, pursuit of personal star status may prevent the attainment of team goals. 
An old friend has served as a coach for several local teams (mostly high school). He once remarked that one of his hardest jobs involved convincing highly talented, very competitive young women to work as a team. (As well as "releasing" the occasional player for not being able to "play well with others.")

I would assume that this would have some application in the business world where highly-talented, but arrogant, employees would make it difficult for the rest of a team to function well.

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