Monday, October 13, 2014

The consensus cried wolf

Article: Why Asia's Glaciers Are Mysteriously Expanding, Not Melting

Five years ago, Asia's glaciers were retreating. The Science Was Proven! The CONSENSUS(!) was that all the glaciers would be gone in decades.

The consensus was wrong, the glaciers are increasing.

Ok, there is a climate change explanation, but that is not the point.

The point is that over and over again, some one announces some major, detrimental change, absolutely linked to anthropogenic global warming. Then shortly afterwards, it is either shown to due to something else, or not happening, or whatever.

Here, again, the original climate models were wrong because they failed to take into account some aspect of reality.

How much else are they getting wrong?

Their being wrong, and corrected, would not be as much a problem if they had not been hysterically over-sold in the first place.

With Climate-gate (emails hacked and released that showed that some of the major "global warming" activists were lying about their research), the 18-year hiatus, and other problems, the credibility of the activists has been blown. And it is their own fault.

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