Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Article: 'This Changes Everything' tackles global warming

Book review: "This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs. the Climate" (Simon & Schuster), by Naomi Klein
Cutting the vast amounts of man-made pollution that feed global warming is an enormous challenge for societies that gobble up coal, oil and gas. But in "This Changes Everything," Naomi Klein argues that those fuels aren't the root problem — capitalism is. 
The country that emits the most carbon dioxide gas is a communist one: China.
Is blaming capitalism for climate change just rhetorical hot air — or a brutal and uncomfortable truth?
For educated, knowledgeable, informed Americans, it is hot air.

For low-information voters, the Left, Academe, the liberal punditocracy, and Paul Krugman,  who perfectly embodies all the preceding, this is a brutal truth. And no amount of information, or thinking, will change that.
And like everyone else, Klein struggles with perhaps the toughest global warming challenge: how to cope with the explosive growth of newly capitalist economies. 
China is now the world's largest emitter of carbon pollution…
So, China became capitalist? Has someone informed Mao?

Most of China's industries are owned, like the good little Marxists and international socialists that they are, by the government. How is this capitalism? And, no, communist countries do not have capitalist economies.

I am stopping here. This drivel is not worth my time.

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