Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Article: Developments in the Framing of Climate Change as a Public Health Issue in US Newspapers

The article completely buys into the "climate change not global warming" mythology. All they talk about is effects of global warming, but they cannot use a discredited phrase.
The public health frame stresses climate change’s potential to increase the incidence of asthma, allergies, disease, heat stroke, and other salient health problems. 
Global warming as an environmental issue: You are all going to die because the oceans are rising.

Global warming as a public health issue: You are all going to die of heat stroke.
In the process, the public health frame makes climate change personally relevant to new audiences by connecting the issue to health problems that are already familiar and perceived as important to the American public.
Or, "if you asthma, global warming is going to make it worse."

With regard to previous postings about law, honor, and fear cultures, this is clearly an attempt to manipulate people using fear. Sadly, many people are suscaptible to that kind of "framing."

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