Thursday, July 16, 2015

Science Links - 7/16/15

Article: Natural contaminants, arsenic and uranium, in one-fifth of California's groundwater
Natural contaminants are more prevalent than human-made contaminants in California groundwater used for public supply, is the conclusion of a decade-long study by U.S. Geological Survey scientists. The study evaluated the quality of nearly all of the groundwater used for public supply in California and is the most comprehensive assessment of groundwater in any state to date. Groundwater provides about one-third of California's drinking supply in a typical year, but more during drought conditions.
There is more uranium and arsenic in the water supplies than nitrates (from fertilizers) and various organics.

Article: Old astronomic riddle on the way to be solved: Absorption of starlight in space

The absorption is due to a complex carbon molecule nicknamed, "buckyballs."
Scientists were able to identify for the first time a molecule responsible for the absorption of starlight in space: the positively charged Buckminsterfullerene, or so-called football molecule.
Article: Climate Scientists’ Road to Hell

Amusing, but 3 years old.

Article: Better chocolate with microbes: Same yeast used in beer, wine and bread

Best flavor from the common bread yeast.

Did you know that chocolate is fermented? So is coffee.

Article: New Horizons: Images reveal ice mountains on Pluto

Ice mountains 10000 ft (slightly less than 2 miles) high.

And no impact craters which implies enough geologic activity to smooth out the surface.

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