Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Article: When the Cat Comes Back, With Prey

Another British study on the ecological effects of cats, considered a "predatory, non-native species."  Previous studies have attempted to determine how much of an impact cats had. This one is more about the attitudes and actions of the cat's owners.

Take aways:
  • cats are predators, good predators
  • their owners allow their cats to roam during prime hunting hours.
  • their owners know they hunt, and catch, other animals.
  • their owners underestimate how many prey animals their cats catch.
  • their owners do not want to contain their cats to protect wildlife
Addtionally, at then end of the article there is a discussion about cats avoiding parks and public lands in the US. Turns out that they are apparently avoiding coyotes.
That was even true of Rock Creek Park in Washington, D.C., which is surrounded by residences and likely thousands of pet cats. Yet in six months, researchers caught coyotes on camera 125 times in the park, but photographed a cat only once.

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