Saturday, August 23, 2014

Britain is poorer than all but one US state.

Article: Why Britain is poorer than any US state, other than Mississippi

Original research, using widely available government statistics. The author also includes Germany, Norway, Sweden, the EU as a whole, and few other countries for comparison. It is a per capita measure.

We think of the UK as wealthy. It is not. And its "inequality problem" is as large as the US's.

This was part of research showing that the UK also has crime rates as high or higher than the US's. That is, except for murders.

Of the countries that the author looked at, the top EU country is Norway. It comes in after Massachusetts (#7).

Article: We have no reason to feel smug about America's troubles

This is the original article that the one above is extracted from.

The divide in the US is between whites and blacks. The divide in the UK is between lower class whites and everyone else (including their blacks).

Their lower class whites and our blacks have the same or similar lowered life expectancy, crime rates, poor education outcomes, and poverty levels.

Another thing that they share in common is the leftist policies and attitudes towards them. The Left in both countries repeatedly tell them that they are being held back and that they powers-that-be (always on the Right) will not permit them to get ahead. In the UK, blacks are not told this and they do well in most socioeconomic indices; and better than blacks in the US.

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