Friday, August 22, 2014

Shale oil, carbon dioxide, and green activists

Article: Fuzzy Math Can’t Hide Shale Boom’s Green Credentials

Looking at the CO2 emissions alone, US CO2 emissions have been decreasing for about 10 years.

Two reasons have been noted:
1) the economy tanked in 2008, causing a decrease in CO2 emission in the US and other developed countries. 
2) the US has been switching from coal to natural gas to generate power. Natural gas releases less CO2 per heat unit than coal. The natural gas is coming from fracking.
Decreased CO2 sounds good if one is genuinely concerned with CO2 and global warming.

However, green activists recently released a study claiming that using fracked natural gas actually increases CO2 emissions.

Four assumptions were made in the study. There were quickly demolished.

Why do green activists want to attack the usage of natural gas?

Why do green activists find it necessary to lie (well, deliberately deceive)?

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