Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New theory could kill the multiverse

Article: Radical New Theory Could Kill the Multiverse Hypothesis

I cannot summarize this article like I normally do and quoting will not work well.

Physicists want to understand the universe: its elementary particles, the forces that control them, where the universe came from, what were the earliest moments of the universe like, etc.

Create one hypothesis to answer one set of questions and it causes problems with another set.

A group of physicist are exploring, in math and discussions, a new idea that, if I am reading this correctly, mass and length are not fundamental properties, but emergent ones. That is, they emerge from something called "scale-symmetry breaking." This explains some things, like "inflation" shortly after the big bang, but it has its own issues.

Sorry, I do not understand it.

What I like is the ramifications. All the new (and new-old) ways of looking at all the different connections.

And the sad death of the idea of multiverses.

Let us observe a moment of silence for what one person called the "death of thousand SF plotlines."

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