Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Science Links: 8/5/2014

Article: Milky Way Has The Mass Of 800 Billion Suns, Study Finds

The Milky Way has around 200 billion stars. Some larger than our sun, many that are smaller.

It also has a lot of dust, and a halo of dust and hydrogen gas as well. In additionally a large proportion of the mass of the Milky Way appears to be "dark matter." That is, not the usually matter you find in a periodic table, but something else.

Article: Australian Tropical Cyclone activity said to be at the lowest level in modern history
Our CAI for Australia shows that seasonal TC activity is at its lowest level since the year 500AD in Western Australia and 1400AD in Queensland and this decline in activity has been most pronounced since about 1960AD.
Just a reminder, climate change non-scientists like Al Gore insist that global warming is causing more extreme weather like hurricanes. Scientists, like those who helped write the various IPCC reports and like these authors, disagree.

Article: How an empty crisp packet can be used to eavesdrop on conversations

Researchers at MIT engineer a way of extracting sound from "silent" digital videos by studying the vibrations the sound induces in an object. For example, a potato chips bag or the leaf of a plant.

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