Saturday, July 19, 2014

Article: Court KOs New Jersey bid to block ocean blasting

Article: Hunt for oil and gas to begin off East Coast

Article: Obama administration hands oil industry a big win

Alternate title: Obama administration hands poor people a big win: Cheaper energy possible.

Exploration for oil has not been permitted off the East Coast of the US in over 30 years.

Actual drilling is still prohibited by the Obama Administration.

One thing that I find odd about the Obama Administration is how "right wing" a number of their environmental decisions have been. Their original director of the EPA issued a report favorable to fracking, for example. The EPA also cleared the Keystone XL pipeline (although Mr. Obama, himself, has stalled approval in the face of hard-core left opposition to it).

Side note: 30 years would put the beginning of the moratorium right in the middle of the Reagan Administration. Why not say so? Or do the authors/editors not wish to give credit to the Reagan Administration for doing something regarded as environmentally favorable?

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