Wednesday, July 2, 2014

July 1936 or July 2012. Which is the hottest July in the US history?

NOAA’s temperature control knob for the past, the present, and maybe the future – July 1936 now hottest month again
 Two years ago during the scorching summer of 2012, July 1936 lost its place on the leaderboard and July 2012 became the hottest month on record in the United States. Now, as if by magic, and according to NOAA’s own data, July 1936 is now the hottest month on record again. The past, present, and future all seems to be “adjustable” in NOAA’s world.
The article also includes two maps of Kansas. One for the temperatures of July, 1936 and one for July, 2012. The maps include two temperature readings for each weather station: the raw data and the adjusted data.

The temperatures for 1936 are mostly adjusted down. The temperatures for 2012 are mostly adjusted up.

No explanation has ever been given by the scientists or the agencies involved as to why the temperatures are adjusted in the first place.

It is not necessary to be a global warming denialist to realize that fraud is being committed. The unadjusted data alone is good enough to make the case that there has been warming over the last 150 years. Why is necessary to lie about it?

For example, we now know that this article posted on the ScienceDaily website, written by NOAA, is lying about the July data:

July 2012 marked hottest month on record for contiguous U.S.

And why do we always get press releases about the hottest events, but not the coolest?

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