Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Black holes and white holes

Article: Do black holes EXPLODE when they die? Theory claims they become white holes at the end of their life
A new theory suggests that black holes might die by transforming into a 'white hole,' which theoretically behave in the exact opposite manner as a black hole - rather than sucking all matter in, a 'white hole' spews it out.

Nature.com explains the new theory as suggesting 'that the transition from black hole to white hole would take place right after the initial formation of the black hole, but because gravity dilates time, outside observers would see the black hole lasting billions or trillions of years or more, depending on its size. If the authors are correct, tiny black holes that formed during the very early history of the Universe would now be ready to pop off like firecrackers and might be detected as high-energy cosmic rays or other radiation
And a "cool science" mention:
'We are learning about some of the most exotic and powerful objects in the universe,' he said in an email. 'This is cool science.'

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