Thursday, July 10, 2014

Silent Spring II (again)

Article: Second Silent Spring? Bird Declines Linked to Popular Pesticides

Second Silent Spring? Again?

What? An hysterical overreaction claiming that all birds were about to go extinct? After all, what do think "silent" meant? Therefore, all uses of DDT must be banned, everywhere, for all time?

Based on the reality that indiscriminate spraying, mostly just to control nuisance mosquitoes, caused the thinning of eggshells in some raptors?

An hysterical overreaction that led to the world-wide banning of DDT leading to the deaths of millions of children in third world countries due to malaria? Because black and brown children don't count? Compared to eagles and osprey?

Sorry, I've seen this movie before. And it's crappy sequels ("Alar: The horror from the apple orchard!") I refuse to buy tickets.

I want to see years of research. I want controlled studies. I want to know the mechanism of action. I want PROOF that a pesticide is killing birds.

If, after that has been shown, then ban them. 
They found that in areas where water contained high concentrations of imidacloprid—a common neonicotinoid pesticide—bird populations tended to decline by an average of 3.5 percent annually.
"I think we are the first to show that this insecticide may have wide-scale, significant effects on our environment," said Hans de Kroon, an expert on population dynamics at Radboud University and one of the authors of the paper. [Emphasis added.]
No, they did not show that. They showed a correlation. Correlation does not equal causation.

I do not want another over-reaction based on the inability of people, including "experts," to tell the difference between correlation and causation.

I do not what another campaign/cause/moral panic by the left/progressives/environmentalists.

Update: "Foppen says that while Carson battled against a totally different kind of chemicals—organophosphates like DDT—the effects he's seeing in the field are very much the same." [Emphasis added"]

Wrong: DDT is an organochloride (Don't these people even TRY to Google something before they say something ignorant).

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