Saturday, July 26, 2014

'Quack' child psychology practices identified

Article: 'Quack' child psychology practices identified by study

A recent poll of 139 experts has been conducted to discredit “quack” treatments and assessments for children. The study identifies and rates pseudoscientific and potentially harmful practices. “Building consensus about what does not work for youth is an important counterpart to evidence-based research on what does work,” said the lead researcher and co-author.
I  hope that other publications pick up this as well.
Experts rated 67 psychological treatments and 35 assessments for children and adolescents on a continuum from “not at all discredited” to “certainly discredited.”

The poll asked those experts to weigh in on the merits of both assessments and treatments. Enneagrams, the Szondi Test, Brain Balance, biorhythms, handwriting analysis and the Fairy Tale Test were strongly discredited for assessment among children and adolescents.

Treatments that were strongly discredited include past life regression therapy, crystal healing, or withholding food or water.
I am not familiar with most of the "assessments."

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