Friday, July 4, 2014

Students prefer jolt of pain than being made to sit and think

Article: Shocking but true: students prefer jolt of pain than being made to sit and think

This is interesting on all kinds of levels.

They did not explore what was motivating the people who shocked themselves, but did throw out some ideas: sensation/novelty seeking, boredom, curiosity, etc.

The self-shocking was spun as preferring punishment rather than boredom, but the shocks were so small as to be hardly called pain.

I teach. This is obviously true.

People do not know how to be silent or why. This is a general issue. However, I think the younger generation has very little experience with silence. I grew up in a time and place without constant music or TV or radio. I was "alone with my thoughts" a lot. It was and remains a very comfortable place for me.

Practicing silence and being alone with oneself is a disciple.

Additionally, I have learned a couple of different types of Christian meditation. Mostly, they involve being quiet before the Lord, letting my mind loose on a scripture verse or about Jesus.

CS Lewis, quoting George MacDonald in Screwtape Letter #22.
Heaven: 'the region where there is only life and therefore all that is not music is silence'. Lewis goes on to add that Hell is the kingdom of noise.

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